How to Flush a Toilet Without Running Water? – 2 Steps

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how to flush a toilet without running water

You may never imagine that the water supply in your area stops for some time because it has always been available. But natural disasters can make it happen. So, you have to be prepared for it. What will you do if you’re in this situation? How to flush a toilet without running water?

Don’t worry as you can still flush the toilet when the water is off. Any water can be used so you get it from pools or jacuzzis then and the toilet manually. You can also fill the toilet tank with the water that you’ve collected to flush the toilet as it is. You’ll learn the details of flushing the toilet with water off as you continue reading.

Methods of Flushing a Toilet Without Running Water


It’s best to know what to do when your toilet is without a water supply. The methods that are presented here work with gravity-fed toilets. They do not apply to the units that require electricity like upflush toilets and smart toilets.

Of course, you can’t flush a tankless toilet without water and electricity. It has an electric pump that generates pressure to make the waste go down. Prepare and learn the methods to flush a toilet without water from the following guide.

What to prepare

Bucket, pot, kettle, or other containers

Step 1: Manual flushing

Can you pour water into the toilet tank to flush? You can manually flush a toilet without running water and I assure you that it works. It’s done by pouring at least a gallon of water into the toilet bowl.

If you don’t have a bucket, you can find containers that will help you like a kettle or pot. Even those without a handle will do. Any water can be used in flushing the toilet. When you’re aware that you won’t have a water supply for some time, you can fill your bathtub as a preparation.

You can use potable water from your pool or jacuzzi. Other water sources are puddles of melted snow and ponds or other bodies of water nearby.

If the problem with the water line is only in your household, you can ask for some water from your neighbors. You can also buy gallons of water from a store if you have a budget for it.

You need to put at least one gallon of water in your container but it’s not bad to add more. The first step is to pour the water slowly to make the waste swirl and go down the drain.

You can’t successfully flush the toilet with no water pressure. So, you have to make the second flush quickly to generate the necessary pressure. This pressure won’t only send the content to the drain but also to the sewer pipes.

Keep in mind that you need to make a powerful flush even without water from inside the tank and pressing the handle. You won’t need to spend more time and effort filling the tank. But you may repeat manually flushing the toilet if it’s needed.

Step 2: Directly filling the toilet tank with water

If you don’t like the idea of manual flushing, it’s not bad to be dedicated to filling the toilet tank so you can flush through the handle or lever. You can collect water just like the methods previously mentioned.

Open the cover of the tank and pour water until it’s leveled with the overflow line. The amount of water that you need varies as tanks are in different sizes. Another tip for filling the tank is that the water should be an inch or two below the valve.

This method is making your toilet work normally. However, the first one is better if you don’t have much water to spare.



Can you still flush a toilet without running water?

As long as your toilets operate with a gravity-fed system, you can flush them without running water. However, it will not work for toilets that need electricity to function.

Can you flush poop with a bucket of water?

The answer is yes. Hence, it’s good to have it at home in case of an emergency. Apart from a home plumbing kit that includes a flange plunger, cup plunger, adjustable wrench, sealing tape, and rags, it’s reasonable to have a bucket or more at home.

It’s good to be prepared in case there’s an interruption in the water supply. The connection can be cut off if some unexpected mishaps on the pipes and toilet are accidentally executed.

Nothing’s wrong when some things turn off the water toilet and flush is still possible with a bucket. Based on the methods presented, you can directly flush the toilet with a bucket of water or fill the tank and flush.

Why does a toilet flush when you pour water in it?

A toilet flushes when you pour water in it because of the bowl siphon. There’s no movement in the tank but it can still flush. You can do two experiments to learn how a siphon works.

The first experiment is pouring a glass of water into the toilet and observing that nothing happens. Even if you pour the same glass a couple of times, there will be no changes. You’ll also notice that the water level in the bowl remains unchanged. It happens because the extra water is wasted on the edges of the siphon tube to be drained away.

But if you flush the toilet using a bucket filled with two gallons of water, it will work as if you are pushing the lever. You’ll hear the familiar gurgling sound when the waste and water go down.

Once you have enough water, you can flush the toilet properly. This water is capable of filling the siphon tube and it leads to the completion of flushing. The quickness of your movements has a contribution as well. It helps the siphon to suck in the air downwards.

Flush Your Toilet Even Without Running Water!

How to flush a toilet without running water? This question seems complicated at first but after getting the facts right from this article, it becomes easy. You can flush the gravity-fed toilet with water from a bucket or other container.

Another option is to fill the tank with enough water and press the handle to flush. Unfortunately, these methods don’t apply to toilets that need electricity to work.

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