Gerber vs Toto Toilets – A Detailed Comparison

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gerber vs toto toilets

Are you tired of calling someone to fix clogging issues and cleaning up the mess of water filling your bathroom? Gerber and Toto have products that won’t give you these troubles.

Even though they’re both excellent manufacturers, this Gerber vs Toto toilets article will show you what sets them apart from each other and their competitors. Generally, Gerber is known for its simple design and durable toilets with a powerful flush.

Toto toilets operate with strong flush but with more color options. They also prove to serve their purpose efficiently. Continue reading to know more.

Gerber Vs Toto: The Essential Features of a Toilet


Flushing System

Gerber takes pride in the PowerClean system of their toilets. This flushing system has dual-fed siphon jets, 3-inch flush valve, and FluidMaster fill valve. As they all work together, a quick flush results in a thorough cleansing of the bowl.

The siphon jets cause the quick flush while the 3-inch Gerber flush valve forms a strong force in sending the waste through the system. It’s for the FluidMaster to control the refilling of the tank after every flush.

Furthermore, Gerber has two methods for flushing which are pressure-assisted and gravity. Gerber toilets have glazed trapway too to not delay the transmission of the waste to the sewer.

Toto toilets have powerful flushing systems termed as G Max, E Max, Tornado, and Pressure Lite or gravity-assisted. Although they are called in different ways, Toto ensures that they have a larger valve for a stronger flush and siphonic jet for flushing fast.

The Tornado flushing system is aimed to accomplish meticulous cleaning as it creates a cyclonic, centrifugal rinsing action. I think this is equivalent to Gerber’s PowerClean system.

Flushing Mechanism

Gerber, a veteran toilet manufacturer, is way ahead of Toto as it has the lowest GPF. You’ll find its toilet with 1.28, 1.1, 1.0, and 0.97 GPFs. Leakage, undesirable noise, running water, and delay in filling the tank won’t bother you when using these water-efficient toilets. They received WaterSense certification too.

Despite the lower amount of water used in every flush, the flushing system operated with pressure or gravity can remove waste efficiently. On the other hand, Toto toilets comply with EPA standards as they’re either 1.6 or 1.28 GPF.

Toilet Height for Comfort

A Gerber white toilet doesn’t only bear smoothness and elegance but comfort as well. With ErgoHeight measuring 16.5 inches and above, everyone in your household can use it, including the elderly and disabled. There’s even the Gerber 25-733 top spud toilet with a high seat.

Gerber toilets are ADA compliant, just as the Toto toilets. The latter makes toilets in standard height and universal height. The standard height toilets are measured as 14.5 to 15 inches from the floor to the seat. In the case of universal height, it’s 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat.

The approved height in the toilet industry is the standard height. Universal height became popular because of the comfort that it provides and the encouragement of proper posture.

For Ease of Cleaning

Gerber knows the unwillingness of many to clean the toilet. So it made a glazed 2-inch trapway to remove waste thoroughly. Since it’s smooth and slippery, you don’t need to clean up some particles that stick after flushing.

Regarding this matter, Cefiontect coating is applied on Toto toilets so nothing will stick on the sides of the toilet. It’s also a type of glaze that allows both solid and liquid particles to drain down without leaving remnants.

Furthermore, Toto has an edge on making it easy to clean toilets. It’s when you get the automatic cleaning function available on higher-end models. Before using these toilets, misting takes place before flushing everything and no signs of waste remain on the toilet.

Bowl Shape and Design

When it comes to bowl shape and design, both Gerber and Toto have one-piece, two-piece, elongated, and round bowls. They also have compact toilets with elongated bowls to save space but improve comfort.

They also offer toilets with 10-inch rough-in like Gerber Top Spud Toilet and Toto Eco Drake. The purpose of this is to limit the space it can take up on the floor during installation.

Gerber toilets are limited to biscuit, bone, and white colors, while Toto toilets can be found in cotton, bone, colonial white, Sedona beige, gray, and ebony.


Vitreous china is the primary material on Gerber toilets. This is known as durable and resistant to scratches and stains. I’m in awe of how it gleams and not letting particles stick. Thus, nothing remains in just a single flush.

Toto toilets are made of vitreous china and coated with Cefiontect. This coating encourages both liquid and solid waste to move through without being sticky on the surface. But you must be careful with what you use when cleaning these toilets.

Bleach and harsh chemicals are abrasive to the Cefiontect. Steel wool and metal brushes are not ideal to use as well. Instead, you have to utilize a gel-based toilet cleaner, brush with silicone bristles, and a soft cloth to maintain its shine and new look.

Top Picks Gerber and Toto Toilets


In the wide selection of Gerber and Toto toilets, I pick my two favorites to compare. Hence, this part is about the Gerber Avalanche toilet vs Toto Drake toilet.

Gerber Avalanche won’t give you clogging issues. It’s the best thing that I gained from this toilet. As you can imagine, clogs can make a huge mess in your bathroom. A Pile of tissues doesn’t get stuck and even a speck of poop won’t sit around.

It complies with industry-standard with the 1.6 GPF. The flushing system works with gravity. Amazingly, a second flush is not necessary to get rid of even the heavy waste! With its elongated bowl and ADA-approved height, comfort is secured.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is the noisy flush but so far, no one is bothered by it. It’s a trivial thing compared to its efficiency. However, you’ll need a plumber to set everything in the right places when installing this toilet as the instructions can be vague.

Toto Drake also has the same abilities as the Gerber Avalanche. It works with dual gravity, so no second flushing is needed to remove waste completely. No particles also stick on the surface. I like the swishing sound that tells me that my toilet just got tidied up. Good thing that I don’t need a plunger as it doesn’t sit well on its bottom.

It’s a small issue but I need to be careful every time I do regular cleaning. Since the Cefiontect coating is sensitive to abrasion, I use a gentle toilet bowl cleaner and safe tools. When it comes to pricing, the cost of Toto Drake is higher than the Gerber Avalanche.

All in all, they are the toilets that spare you from the mess caused by clogging. Your choice depends on the needs of your household and budget. When it comes to décor, you’ll be fine with the simple colors of Gerber but hues are available from Toto.

Final Thoughts on Gerber and Toto Toilets

In Gerber vs Toto toilets, there are several similarities as they’re both leading toilet manufacturers. You’ll surely obtain the things that you want from a toilet. Since everyone has different needs and preferences, there are distinct features in each toilet. It’s up to you to decide which one is the most suitable for your needs and budget.

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