What is a Comfort Height Toilet? Compared to Standard Height

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what is a comfort height toilet

While most people use standard height commodes without encountering challenges, for some, that might not be the case—hence, the existence of comfort height toilets, also known as right height toilets.

But what is a comfort height toilet? For your information, it’s a type of commode that is 17 to 19 inches tall—with the seats included, which makes it taller than standard toilets. It mostly benefits people over 5’4” tall, and those with knee and back problems, such as the elderly.

Introducing Tall Toilets: Its Purpose and Benefits


Although squatting is not inherently bad for your health, it can be a difficult task for those with rigid and brittle bones, as commonly seen in the elderly and those with arthritis or osteoporosis. As such, a low toilet height of 14 to 15 inches will pose a challenge for these individuals.

Grab bars or toilet assistance bars following ADA requirements may help, but installing commodes with specialized dimensions like those of comfort height is more convenient. But what does a comfort height toilet mean?

It’s a toilet whose elevation makes it easier to sit and stand up if squatting takes too much strain on the hips and knees. This can apply to the following cases:

  • People with joint and mobility problems
  • Elderly
  • Injured
  • Tall people

If you’re wondering how tall are comfort height toilets, the ADA-compliant measurement for floor-mounted ones is 17 to 19 inches. That said, 22-28 inches is how high some comforter toilets can get, though uncommon.

Manufacturers and Their Toilet Height Options

We created a table below with the brands and the dimensions of the right height commodes that they offer.

Manufacturer Toilet height from floor
TOTO 17 – 19 inches
American Standard 17 – 19 inches
Kohler 17 – 19 inches
WoodBridge 16.5 – 19 inches
Convenient Height Company 21.5 inches
Signature Hardware 22 inches

The first 4 manufacturers: TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, and WoordBridge commonly have a toilet height of 17 inches or more from the floor to the seat.

These were average heights for comfort commodes until the Convenient Height Company released an extra-tall model back in 2016 with a 21.5-inch height, including the seat.

And if we’re going to include wall-mounted or hung types of bowls in the list, then the highest toilet height is 28 inches which is the Kohler Veil unit.

Pros and Cons of Comfort Height Toilets

Remember, the difference in toilet heights cater to the necessities of a specific group of people. Hence, the advantages and disadvantages of tall toilet height may be subjective to the user.


  • ADA-compliant
  • Suitable for people over 5’4” tall
  • Accessible by wheelchair
  • Recommended for the elderly


  • Uncomfortable for shorter people or kids unless they use a squatty potty or footstool
  • The position of how the user will sit can cause hemorrhoids, constipation, and bowel strain

How to Install a Chair Height Toilet

The chair height or toilets higher than normal have the same installation process as the standard toilets. If you want to do the job yourself, here are the instructions for installing a tall toilet:

Step 1: Uninstall the old toilet (if any)


  • Begin by turning off the water shut-off valve and flushing the bowl to drain the tank.
  • Take out the water from the bowl.
  • Disconnect the water supply line.
  • With a utility knife, carefully cut through the caulk connecting the toilet to the floor.
  • Wiggle the toilet until it can be moved.
  • Pull the toilet from the floor.
  • Scrape the old caulking and the wax on the flange with a putty knife.

Step 2: Place the wax ring on the tall toilet


Placing the wax ring can either be on the toilet or the flange, so read the instructions carefully (both will work if done well). We can also buy a better wax ring in place of the one included in the unit.

  • Turn the comfort height toilet upside down.
  • Stick the softened and unwrapped wax ring to the base with the rubber gasket outward (this part will go to the drain).

Step 3: Install the tall toilet to the floor


  • Install the toilet with the rubber gasket going inside the drain flange.
  • Ensure that the T bolts go into the base’s mounting holes.
  • Press down the toilet to tighten the seal of the wax ring below.
  • Secure the T bolts with the nuts with channel-lock pliers.

Step 4: Install the tank (two-piece)

  • If you have a two-piece toilet, proceed to install the tank according to the unit’s instructions.
  • Before locking the bolts under, check if the tank is leveled.
  • Once it’s leveled, lock the bolts but not too tight.

Step 5: Attach the water supply line


  • Connect the supply line to the valve and the tank.
  • Once secured, turn the shut-off valve on and let the tank fill so you can test it.

Step 6: Attach the toilet seat

Standard Height vs. Tall Height Toilets: What’s the Difference?


This comparison between standard and comfort height toilets will help you decide which is the best height.

1. Comfort Height/Tall Toilets

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Lessens pressure on knees and hips from squatting
  • More comfortable for the tall, people with mobility issues, and the elderly
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • May be uncomfortable for children and shorter people
  • Squatting position is not ideal and may cause strain, hemorrhoids, and constipation

2. Standard Toilets

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Comfortable for kids and those with short height
  • Promotes proper and natural squatting
  • Unsuitable for the elderly and people with mobility issues
  • Not ideal for the injured or recovering people
  • May be uncomfortable for the tall

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Measure the Toilet’s Height?

Use a tape measure to gauge the distance from the floor up to the rim. Then, measure the toilet seat’s height. Add the two figures together; you’ll get the accurate toilet sizes height.

For example, Signature Hardware’s tallest toilet is 21 inches, but it becomes 22 inches when the seat is included.

Should I Get a Comfort Height Toilet? Is It Bad for Me?

The most comfortable height for a toilet will depend on your needs. If you’re tall or experience joint pain because of how low you must squat on a standard-height commode, then a tall toilet can help.

The only drawback of higher toilet height is for those with constipation or hemorrhoid since comfort height toilets don’t let you perform the ideal squat. However, using a footstool may help to correct the position.

What Do I Need to Avoid When Purchasing a New Toilet?

Aside from avoiding toilets that don’t resonate with your needs, here are some features to watch out for:

  • Slamming toilet lid
  • Space-consuming size
  • The GPF (Gallons Per Flush) rate must be compliant with state regulations. California, for example, doesn’t allow 1.6 GPF toilets.
  • Noisy flusher
  • Non-standard parts that are difficult to find replacements for


To answer the question of what is a comfort height toilet, it’s a type of commode that is higher than normal; instead of being 14 to 15 inches high, they can stand from 17 up to 19 inches tall.

Note that ADA-compliant toilets also call for other features, such as 18 inches of clearance between the fixtures and the walls. Plus, the flush control should be easy-to-press, even with one hand. So make sure to keep these in mind if you’re making an ADA bathroom.

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