Gerber Viper vs Avalanche Toilets: Which Is Right for You?

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gerber viper vs avalanche toilets

Gerber is the pioneer of water-saving toilets as it’s a dedicated company in creating efficient toilets. No wonder you’re interested in investing in one of its toilets. It just makes sense as you’ll get your money’s worth, and you’ll have a good experience when using a Gerber toilet.

You may think about Gerber Viper vs Avalanche toilets. Gerber Viper is known to be a water saver despite 1.6 GPF because it can flush heavy waste in just a single flush. In contrast, Avalanche is most suited to eliminate liquid waste and is applauded for its easy way of mounting.

Before deciding which one will work for you best, know all the important information about these toilets.

Gerber Viper Specifications


The Viper toilet has a white color and standard look that make it suitable for modern and traditional bathroom themes. Gerber Viper toilet reviews don’t fail to mention this thing.

You’ll also be pleased to know that they’re available in 10 retro colors like almond, Bahama pink, British biscuit, Bone, citron yellow, Jamaican beige, regal blue, silver, and Spanish gold.

It’s an awesome two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. The body is composed of vitreous china, known as durable material. Despite the absence of coating, it has a surface that doesn’t allow dust and waste to adhere.

When you’re concerned about comfort, Viper’s height of 16 3/8 inches is convenient enough for you to sit on and get up from. In addition, it has a 12-inch rough-in to improve the flushing ability and rate of water flow. This part works together with its three-inch flushing valve that lowers the chances of clogging.

Based on water consumption, it’s considered a low water toilet. With the help of siphonic, gravity-fed jets, and FluidMaster fill valve, you can save 20% more water than other usual toilets with 1.6 GPF. Therefore, you can lower the water bill for sure and help save the environment at the same time!

Furthermore, MaP has rated it 800, which is a high score given to efficient toilets. You’ll surely be impressed with how Gerber Viper gets rid of bulk waste without trouble.

Installation can’t get any better as I find it a piece of cake, especially that I don’t have to worry about essential parts. Every purchase of this toilet kit comes with a toilet seat, floor bolts, and wax ring.

What bothers me about this Viper toilet is the trip lever. Though it seems to be a sturdy brass arm, it can be prone to cracking and breaking. But with proper use, this incident can be prevented.

Gerber Avalanche Specifications


There’s a Gerber Avalanche one-piece toilet but the two-piece version is featured here as affordable yet quality. You may choose the one-piece if you prefer a sleek and modern design. To choose the suitable one, check out this comparison!

Surprisingly, it has the highest rating from MaP, which is 1,000. Why is it possible? The quick and powerful flush from this toilet makes it outstanding among the other Gerber toilet models. Without a doubt, this toilet will surely please you! However, there are only two Gerber Avalanche toilet colors: white and biscuit.

Even though this comparison of Gerber Avalanche vs Viper is filled with FluidMaster valves that are durable and easy to replace, thanks to a two-piece Avalanche toilet, it can create a quick, powerful flush with its massive water surface measured as 8” x 6”. Due to this ability, the bowl is thoroughly cleaned in a single flush of 1.28 GPF.

In terms of installation, it’s worry-free because of the double nut tank attached to the bowl. You’ll be able to mount it in no time without any special tool. Note that it’s 15-inch height if this is a comfortable height seat for you.

Otherwise, you may go for Gerber Avalanche Elite with a 3-inch flush valve. Although it shares common features with the two-piece Gerber Avalanche, it’s available in three configurations such as standard elongated, ErgoHeight elongated, and ErgoHeight round front. It has rectangular footing which can be used in covering old, damaged, or dirty flooring.

All Gerber Avalanche toilet reviews commend this toilet for reliability. But it excels the most in getting rid of liquid waste due to the small diameter of the exit hole located on the siphon tube.

Comparison Chart

  Viper Avalanche (Two-piece)
Flushing mechanism FluidMaster components FluidMaster components
MaP rating 800  1 000
GPF 1.6 1.28
Colors 10 retro colors White, biscuit
Intended for Flushing heavy waste Flushing liquid waste
Installation Includes installation hardware Easy mounting with double-nut tank

 As Viper and Avalanche are made by the same manufacturer, their bodies are composed of vitreous china. As being shown in the chart, they have some similarities in flushing mechanism and ease of installation.

The GPF of Avalanche is higher than Viper as it’s most suited for removing waste bulk. You may have the Viper if you install it in a toilet that doesn’t have a ‘heavy traffic’. Furthermore, you’ll love its color options to match your bathroom theme.

Wrapping Up With the Right Decision

Since Gerber Viper vs Avalanche toilets are discussed well in this article, you’re now ready to make the right decision. Go for Avalanche if it’s the toilet that doesn’t encounter ‘heavy traffic’ and you need something easy to mount.

Ideally, Viper is for large families since this toilet saves water by flushing heavy waste in just one flush. These households will surely save money from their water bills.

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