Gerber Vs American Standard Toilets Comparison

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gerber vs american standard toilets

If you’ve noticed, white toilets can go with any bathroom décor. Gerber and American Standard abide by this fact. They both remain with the conventional design but since they’re different companies, their toilets have distinctive features.

By comparing Gerber vs American Standard toilets, you’ll find the one that is more advantageous for you. Gerber is known for its glazed trapway that works hand in hand with its powerful flushing system.

Still, the flushing capability of American Standard won’t fall behind even though it’s more affordable than the other brands. Its toilets even come pre-assembled for an uncomplicated installation. Learn more as you read the rest of the article.

Behind the Popularity of Gerber Toilets

1. Flush technology

The flushing systems found in Gerber toilets are one of the reasons why they have become popular. The two brilliant flushing methods are pressure-assisted and gravity-fed.

Dual-fed siphon jets deliver quick but thorough flushing. Waste can’t escape from its power! Hence, the term ‘PowerClean’ flush was given to this function.

A three-inch flush valve is another feature found in Gerber toilets. Its main role is to make the water flow powerful and fast. It’s a way to ensure that the waste gets through the system.

Last but not the least; FluidMaster fill valve contributes to the efficiency of these toilets. It is reliable, durable, and easy to change when necessary. It’s a good example of a toilet valve because it’s committed to maintaining proper toilet operation.

2. ErgoHeight: usability and inclusivity

Gerber toilets are approved by the ADA based on their shape and seat height. They are at least 16.5 inches tall, which is termed as a comfort height toilet that accommodates the needs of disabled individuals and the elderly. These groups of people will no longer find it difficult to sit or stand when using the toilet.

3. Energy and environment saver

Being energy-efficient is another praised feature of Gerber toilets. They even receive certification from WaterSense because of their low water consumption. GPF refers to the amount of water used for every flush.

Federal requires 1.6 GPF for water conservation. But they are even lower than this standard with 1.28, 1.0, and 0.97 GPF. Hence, getting one of them allows you to save on water bills.

4. Warranty

All of the toilets from Gerber come with a warranty. Depending on the toilet model, you can get it for ten years, five years, or one year. Be wary of using a bleaching agent or in-bowl cleaner as it might damage the toilet. If it happens, it will void the warranty that you supposedly get.

Better use safe toilet cleaners like Lysol Bleach-free Hydrogen Peroxide Toilet Cleaner, Lemishine Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner or be sorry.

5. Glazed trapway

A trapway is a section of a toilet and it’s between the pipe and the hole. Gerber toilets are designed with a 2-inch glazed trapway which is smooth and slippery. These characteristics are essential to have a thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl when flushing the waste.

Excellent Gerber Toilets That You Will Love


1. Wrightwood

The two-piece Gerber Wrightwood toilet has a high quality for its price. This guarantees efficiency for both of its versions that have 1.6 GPF and 1.1 GPF. Due to its non-slip seat, ErgoHeight, and elongated bowl, sitting on a toilet and getting up from it is a breeze even for old people and those with mobility issues.

It has a limited lifetime warranty on the vitreous china bowl and a 5-year warranty on its components. It’s quiet even when flushing and at the same time and has a soft-close seat.

2. Avalanche

There are numerous one-piece toilets from Gerber but this one is the best. You’ll get to experience an economic and effective flush. It owes its efficiency to a Fluidmaster fill valve and Avalanche flush system.

3. Viper GHE21519

This toilet looks stunning with its shiny white surface and elegant design that fit any bathroom theme. It has an elongated bowl to ensure comfort. So, you’ll gain more than aesthetic appeal from it.

Since it operates with a siphonic, gravity-fed flush, you can’t doubt its power and flushing performance. You’ll love it as it helps you cut your water bill. It works well in saving 20% more water compared to the standard 1.6 GPF.

Installation: The Drawback in Using Gerber Toilets

Although the installation requirements differ based on the toilet model, existing parts, and plumbing condition, it’s recommended to get a plumber to install a Gerber toilet for you.

In this situation, you have to prepare for the plumber’s professional fee. The amount of money may range as some installations can cost more. Some can be tricky or require extensive labor. You should know that certain warranties necessitate that the initial installation is done by a plumber.

The Best Features of American Standard Toilets That Are Loved by Many


1. Fair pricing

You will only find a low rate of hybrid toilets that are mixed one-piece and two-piece from American Standard. Even its top-tier toilets don’t cost a lot. Some toilet manufacturers follow its pricing but only provide incompetent toilets. American Standard is at the same level as Kohler and Toto, the leading toilet manufacturers.

2. WaterSense certified

American Standard has WaterSense certification. 1.26 GPF toilet models work well with its larger-than-usual trapway, which can move 70% mass, a quantity that is higher than the industry standard. All the waste is flushed down in a single flush without clogging issues.

3. Right height

The ‘right height’ of American Standard toilets is equivalent to Kohler’s comfort height. This feature makes it comfortable for all ages. Sitting on an American Standard toilet and getting up from it won’t give you backache or strain. However, you may also pick other sizes apart from the models in comfort height.

To choose the most suitable one. Click here to learn details about standard height vs comfort height toilet.

4. Speed connect system

This system means that you’ll receive pre-assembled toilets. Even if it’s your first time installing a toilet, you can do it as nothing is complicated. American Standard made the most complicated parts easy for you to deal with.

This company even posted tutorials online for everyone to access. Feel free to check the American Standard cross reference on the internet to know more about the products. You’ll be surprised at how easy and quick you’ll finish the installation by yourself.

5. Warranty

Most American Standard toilets have a 10-year warranty. Some models have one or five years but you can rely on them for long-term service.

Top Pick American Standard Toilets

1. 014.020 Champion 4

American Standard Champion 4 is the best example of the renowned ability to discard 70% mass. Therefore, it’s the best flushing toilet from this brand. It’s a one-piece, elongated toilet that operates with 1.6 GPF as an industry standard. Due to its abilities, it’s ADA approved.

2. 216.020 H2Option

If you want to conserve water, this is the best option. H2Option is WaterSense certified with an elongated bowl for comfort. It’s a two-piece toilet that works with a dual flush system. Depending on your needs, you can choose from low (1.0 GPF) and higher power (1.6 GPF) flushes.

3. 020 Colony

The low price of the American Standard toilet doesn’t compromise quality. Just like this model that is available in four options. There are two sizes of rough-in: 10 inches and 12 inches.

Each rough-in size is available in 1.28 GPF or 1.6 GPF. But they have a powerful flush that doesn’t waste water. The credit goes to the power wash rim.

The downside of American Standard Toilets

Since the design of these toilets focuses on simplicity and offers limited color choices, it may not be appealing to some. You may find it too plain if you’re into decoration. But still, the available colors can go with any bathroom theme.

Comparing Gerber and American Standard Toilets

Gerber American Standard
Comfort ErgoHeight Right height
Design Smooth and slippery; elegants toilet models Conventional
Flushing system PowerClean flush Has larger trapway to move 70% mass
Water conservation 1.28, 1.0, and 0.97 GPF 1.0, 1.28, and 1.6 GPF
Installation Needs to be done by the plumber Speed connect system
Warranty One, five, or ten years One, five, or ten years


Toilets don’t need to be flashy. The thing I noticed when going through Gerber vs American Standard toilets is simplicity. But Gerber put its design a notch higher than American Standard. In terms of installation, American Standard made it convenient for you while a plumber should work on Gerber toilets.

All in all, both brands have the essential features that you look for in a toilet, such as comfort, a powerful flushing system, low water consumption, and a warranty.

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