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where are kohler toilets made

US-made toilets are known for their quality and design. With choices abounding, knowing what toilets are made in the USA can bring peace of mind.

A premium manufacturer of toilets has made Kohler a top industry and household name in toilets and bathroom products.

But where are Kohler toilets made? Kohler headquarters has a manufacturing address in Wisconsin, USA. Currently, it belongs to the top 10 toilet manufacturers in the US, if not in the world.

Where Kohler Toilets Are Made


Kohler toilets are now primarily manufactured at its plant in Kohler, Wisconsin in the United States. However, their American-made products are mostly found in small showrooms for kitchen and bath and not large-scale hardware stores.

In fact, many of the brand’s products are important with their Asian manufacturing locations being found in Jhagadia, India and China. In Southeast Asia, it has a manufacturing plant recently established in Deltamas-Central Cikarang, Indonesia.

Kohler History


The Kohler Company was established in 1873 by John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn. In 1883, John Michael introduced the company’s first bathtub by encasing cast iron horse trough with enamel. That started its plumbing fixtures and faucet product lines.

The 1920s and 1930s saw the company introduce vitreous china toilets, washbasins, brass faucets, shower heads, the “electric sink,” and power generators.

After the world war, Kohler operations continued to focus on generator production due to instability in power supply.

In the 1960s, the company supplied Kohler engines to various manufacturers of lawn mowers, garden tractors, and even snowmobiles.

The 1980’s saw the company acquire several companies. Entering the 1990s, the Kohler brand ventured overseas. The 21st century allowed the company to expand further into furniture, cabinetry, tiles, and fixtures.

The company has never been publicly traded as it remains to date one of the largest privately owned companies in the US.

Today, the Kohler owner includes company president and CEO David Kohler, a 4th generation Kohler, and other family members.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who manufactures Kohler toilets?

The Kohler companies include the Kitchen and Bath Group which makes Kohler toilets. It is a recognized global leader in kitchen and bath design.

It also produces innovation and craftsmanship in cabinetry for residential and commercial applications.

Are Kohler toilets good?

Kohler toilets are of excellent quality. As a high-end US brand, it can last from 20-50 years according to professional plumbers. Additionally, upon purchase, Kohler toilets come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Are all Kohler products made in the USA?

No, but many of its products remain manufactured in US-based locations. Its current products like the stainless steel sinks and the famous Kohler faucets are mostly made in the USA.

Kohler engines, known for their quality and durability, are also still produced in the US. Its plant is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Which brands are Kohler competitors?

For toilets, American Standard, Delta, Mansfield, and Toto are only a few. The first 3 are US-based brands while Toto is Japanese.

These competitors vary in prices and durability but Kohler tops them all for quality and price.

Competitors for kitchen and bathroom faucets include Gerber, Moen, Grohe, Delta, American Standard, Pfister, and Elkay.

Read now these comparisons:

Do Kohler products top all these brands?

The reality is, it all depends on the consumer’s taste and preference. Designs of Kohler company products may not appeal to some yet its price may.

Kohler’s technology, innovation and designs on its product lineup contributes to its continued global preference and purchase.


For homeowners and builders wanting to have the best for their plumbing needs, knowing what toilets are made in the USA is a priority.

US made toilets are known to be of premium quality and durability. The good news is, Kohler, a top-tier US toilet manufacturing company, delivers quality, innovative design, and affordability.

Now that you know “where are Kohler toilets made?” and other relevant information about the brand, home and commercial builders choose Kohler as the preferred brand along with the precious service and quality it provides.

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