How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll? Get the Facts Here!

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how long is a toilet paper roll

If you don’t look closely at it, you may think that toilet paper roll length is all the same. However, the length of different brands varies. How long is a toilet paper roll?

A toilet roll is on average 900 inches long. Therefore, a standard toilet paper roll size can stretch to half of the size of an Olympic-sized pool. It can also be compared to a double-decker bus in London.

The lengths of toilet paper brands are not the same. Some factors change the length, such as the size of the cardboard tubes and sheets and whether there are embossing elements. They also make every roll of toilet paper weigh differently. To find out more information about toilet paper roll dimensions, continue reading.

What You Need to Know About the Length of Toilet Paper Rolls


As mentioned, a tissue roll is usually 900 inches long. This measurement is converted into 2,286 cm, 23 m, or 75 feet. This is an average tissue paper roll but every toilet paper brand has its specified measurement. The size of a toilet paper roll is not only about length as the width and number of sheets has contributions too.

1. Width

Most tissue rolls will have an average width of 4 cm on one side without the tube. The numbers vary due to the quality and thickness of the toilet rolls. Take into account the number of plies that are available like one-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply, and 4-ply. Therefore, it’s obvious that there will be differences in the width.

The expensive ones or the thicker rolls will surely have a wider diameter as they have more layers. Understandably, the affordable toilet paper has a smaller width even though it’s the same size as the previous one. A loaded roll can have a core diameter of 5 inches. The embossing element also contributes to this feature.

2. Number and standard size of sheets

How many sheets are in a toilet paper roll? The number of sheets is usually indicated in the pack of toilet paper.

Some brands make dense and thicker sheets so they can reduce the number of sheets. When it comes to standard sheet size, one sheet is usually 4.5” x 4” but one side is reduced to 3.7” or 3” by some manufacturers.

The standard weight of a toilet roll with a particular sheet size (4.5” x 4”) is 227 g. Others may have less or more weight as it all depends on the size and how long the roll is.

What is the Longest Toilet Paper Ever Made?

The longest toilet paper ever made is from Charmin. This company didn’t follow the typical length of a single roll by producing one that has a cardboard diameter of 17 inches and a height of 2.97 m. It’s more than a jumbo roll and kitchen towels and a single sheet is outright huge compared to an average roll!

It has an outstanding length of 1,349 miles, which is the surface area of the International Space Station.

How Can You Make Toilet Paper Last Longer?


Don’t be sad if you notice that your bathroom tissue paper doesn’t last very long. There are different ways to work on it even if there’s someone who constantly wastes toilet paper. A toilet paper shortage is a big no for everyone so you’ll be thankful for these techniques.

1. Flattening toilet paper sheet

This is the solution if you have kids who like pulling toilet paper. Flatten the sheets by squishing the entire roll so corners are created in the cardboard roll. The result makes the spinning of the tissue paper slower.

2. De-ply into one ply

There are two-ply toilet papers like Scott Essential, Pacific Blue, and Quilted Northern. You may even find 3-ply and 4-ply like White Cloud, The Cheeky Panda, Flushd, Grentay, and DeBella.

It’s best to use a de-plying machine as your hands can easily rip the paper apart. You can separate the two plies to have a longer toilet paper roll. If it has a total of 900 inches in length, you can make it 1,800 inches of single ply.

3. Folding

In some instances, you need to have a tissue that is like a padding for wiping your behind. Don’t just pull the sheets but fold the toilet roll in advance. Once they’re folded and ready to use, they’re thick enough for wiping.

4. Help from water

Some people use wet wipes instead of toilet paper because they’re particular about the messy outcome of dry toilet paper. To avoid this, wet the toilet paper before wiping. The water makes cleaning more efficient. You can use less toilet paper by choosing a toilet roll with more than one ply and textured tools.

Instead of buying colored toilet paper that is not good for sensitive skin, buy the embossed type. A study shows that embossing increases the thickness of toilet paper. It won’t easily disintegrate even if you wet it. You can replace this practice with wet wipes as there are no different outcomes. If you do, don’t flush the wipes as it’s not environmentally friendly.

You may use a spray bottle but how about installing a bidet? Either of these things can let you clean yourself properly without the need to pull more sheets.

5. Opting for quality paper

Those who choose to buy cheaper rolls end up spending more as the sheets are too thin. Quality paper promises absorbency even when you just use a few sheets.

I’d like to recommend bamboo toilet paper from Betterway, NooTrees, and Caboo. Unlike those that are made of virgin pulp, de-inked pulp, and even mixed pulp, the one from bamboo is tree-free and eco-friendly.

This tissue promotes sustainability but it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Above all the mentioned benefits, you can depend on its quality without needing a lot of sheets every time you take a dump.

Final Words

How long is a toilet paper roll? Typically, the regular roll is 900 inches. But not all brands have the same measurement. Some produce rolls that are a bit longer or shorter. The width, sheet’s number, and size influence the length of the toilet roll. They all sum up the toilet paper roll measurements.

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