Where is Angel Soft Toilet Paper Made?

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where is angel soft toilet paper made

Angel Soft is one of the top-tier toilet paper brands in the market, providing consumers comfort with its gentle texture while maintaining the sheets’ strength. Therefore, it’s only natural to ask: “Where is Angel Soft toilet paper made?”

The production location of Angel Soft is in the USA. Its manufacturer is one of the biggest toilet papers manufacturers in the country, which this article will also talk about.

In What Country is Angel Soft Toilet Paper Manufactured?

toilet-papers-manufacturersThe United States is a leading country for the production of toilet paper, and it’s also the home of Angel Soft’s parent company, Georgia-Pacific LLC, located in Georgia.

Georgia-Pacific LLC is a multinational corporation that manufactures pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, construction-related chemicals, and building products.

Georgia-Pacific is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA but has locations in thirty states, and it also owns another huge toilet paper brand called Quilted Northern.

Since the industry of toilet paper and tissues has an obvious effect on the environment, this company has pledged to promote environmental protection and sustainability through its manufacturing practices (recycling and composting) and responsible use of natural resources.

Angel Soft, as the name suggests, is a toilet paper brand that takes pride in its soft but tough sheets—it won’t tear your skin and won’t leave anything behind when you wipe. There are a lot of variations to choose from, and we’ve listed some of them below:

  1. Angel Soft Classic White – This is the standard toilet paper that we use every day. It may come in regular, mega, or huge 6-pack rolls which are usually sold in packages for more value.
  2. Angel Soft Pretty Prints – Aside from the classic white tissue, variations with beautiful prints are added for a touch of style. The ingredients for the colors are water-based and are intended to be used on the skin without reactions.
  3. Angel Soft with Scented Tube – This is a good choice if you want a subtle smell of freshness in your bathroom. As of now, the available scents for the tube are lavender, fresh linen, vanilla, and fresh ocean breeze.

There are also limited seasonal editions with Fresh Evergreen and Fresh Citrus scents.

Is Angel Soft a Good Toilet Paper?


Angel Soft is a good toilet paper and one of the best in the market. Its signature softness and comfort are paired with strength and absorbency at a reasonable price.

Moreover, it dissolves easily compared to other toilet paper brands, which is an advantage if you want to protect your plumbing, especially if it’s already old.

If there’s one notable disadvantage about this brand, it’s that the TP is not the thickest. You can find brands with three plies or more rather than the two plies of Angel Soft.



The answer to where is Angel Soft toilet paper made is in the USA, and who makes Angel soft toilet paper is the parent company Georgia-Pacific LLC.

Angel Soft is a popular toilet paper brand because of its softness, durability, and affordable pricing. It’s offered in different sheet amounts per roll and packages that are bang for the buck for someone on a budget.

Angel Soft is also available with scented tubes and printed sheets, which are extra features to make your bathroom a bit more fun.

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